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Die Agentur (nachher): Arbeitsraum und Wohlfühlzone mit diy-upcycling-Strandkörben – Leelah Loves

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Gemütliche Sitzecke im Büro mit DIY upcycling Strandkörben aus Übersee Transportkisten als Sessel im Industrie vintage Look

Steps On How To Make Perfect Curtain Rods

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While redecorating your home’s interior is an expensive project, there are some simple ways for you to cut costs just by making some items yourself. For example, did you know that it is possible to make perfect curtain rods that look great and save you money? If you think that making curtain rods will be too difficult or time-consuming, you may want to think again. In this article, we’ll give you all the necessary steps on how to make perfect curtain rods. You may be surprised at just how simple this project can be.

The first step in making perfect curtain rods is to make perfect measurements. Use a standard tape measurer above your intended window to find out how long of a rod you will need. It is important to measure 2-3 inches beyond the actual width of the window. This will ensure that your curtain rod provides sufficient coverage.

The next step involves driving to your local home improvement store. These stores (such as Lowe’s and Home Depot) have all the supplies you will need for making perfect curtain rods. Don’t forget to bring your measurements and tape measurer along with you. This will prevent you buying ill-fitting materials.

So, what exactly are you going to need to make perfect curtain rods? The first item you need to purchase is the rod itself, and the best fit is usually a dowel (these are very inexpensive and can usually be found in the lumber section). This is where it is important to know the proper measurements of your window, so you can choose a dowel of proper length. Remember, it is always better to buy a dowel that is too big as opposed to one that is too small. A bigger dowel can always be cut down to size. Once you have selected a dowel as your curtain rod, you will also need two large hooks (to support your curtain rod), screws to apply the hooks, and two decorative attachments to put on each end of the rod (these are known as finials). Depending on the color of your interior, you may also need to buy a paint or finish to apply to the curtain rod after completion. Usually, browns and tans work well for curtain rods, but the decision is strictly yours. You now have all of the necessary items needed to make a perfect curtain rod.

Now that you are back at home, you can begin the simple task of putting up your curtain rod. The first thing you want to do is to screw both large hooks above the window according to your measurements. There should be atleast an inch of room on both sides for the curtain rod to comfortably rest. This will reduce the likelihood of the rod falling down. The next step is to sand down your dowel and apply your chosen finish to the rod. After a period of drying, you can then slide your curtain onto your new curtain rod (make sure the rings are big enough!). The last step is to attach the finials you have selected to complete your curtain rod’s look. Hang on the hooks you previously attached, and there you have it! You have made a perfect curtain rod!

Wasn’t that easy? By following these steps on how to make perfect curtain rods, you can create a cheap alternative to standard curtain rods while giving any room in your home a truly unique look.

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